Yerevan State University is the largest public university in Armenia, whichwas established in 1919. In 1995 YSU changed the structure of its academicqualifications by establishing a two-level qualification system with Bachelor’sand Master’s degrees. In 2007 the ECTS credit system was introduced in allMaster’s programmes, then a year later in Bachelor’s programmes.Currently, YSU runs 60 Bachelor’s, 130 Master’s and 70 Doctoralprogrammes that involve nearly 18000 students (according to the data ofJanuary 1, 2013 there are 13500 BA students, 4000 MA students and 400postgraduate students), 5000 of which are part-time students. The universityhas 19 faculties with more than 100 general and professional departmentsand one regional branch (campus) with 4 faculties in the town of Ijevan. YSUemploys about 3000 staff out of which 1300 are the permanent academicstaff (166 professors, 461 associate professors, 639 assistant professors andlecturers). 23 academicians and 26 correspondence members of the NationalAcademy of Sciences are involved in teaching and research activities of theuniversity. YSU features strong in-house research capacity, complemented byan extensive network of partner universities throughout the world