Khazar University was established in March 1991 according to resolution of the Cabinet of the Ministersof Azerbaijan Republic as Azerbaijan University with English as a medium of instruction to satisfy a greatnecessity of the country in qualified English speaking specialists. In 1992 Azerbaijan University wasrenamed to Khazar University. Khazar University is a private educational institution for undergraduate,graduate and professional studies promoting advanced study and research, educational policy anddevelopment in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Khazar University is the first University in Azerbaijan composed of multiple independent schools unitedby the same academic policy and principles, which offer a wide scope of diverse majors in Arts,Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Economics,Management and Business Administration, Education.

The Department of Political Science and International Relations has been offering undergraduate andpost-graduate programs in Political Science, International Relations, and Regional Studies since 1995. Thefaculty is composed primarily of younger Western-educated instructors in Political Science with researchand professional experience in Western Europe, North America, and other advanced industrializedcountries. Jointly with the Institute of Politics, the Department conducts a number of scholarly eventsannually, including annual meetings on political philosophy, crisis simulation exercises, executiveeducation workshops, and conferences.