• 30th October, 2014
  • Sergii Glebovб Odessa National University, Ukraine
  • The Black Sea region remains one of the principal elements in the European and Eurasian security structures and a crucial factor for maintaining stability on the continent. The specific location of the region in the very heart of Eurasia and on the crossroads of European, Eurasian and Middle Eastern security spaces makes it important for the global actors. Obviously, the process of constructing a regional security system is not limited to the littoral states but also involves stakeholders all over the world, including the EU and U.S. This complicates the very definition of the Black Sea area as a region. Shall we consider only six littoral states as actually regional powers? stick to the term of “the Wider Black Sea” area including all of the BSEC countries? or use a more politically, rather than geographically, motivated notion of a Black Sea regional security system comprising all actors with national interests in the region?

    These questions, as well as a number of major regional dilemmas, security challenges and possibilities for cooperation in the region will be discussed during the first OBSU lecture “Introduction to the Black Sea affairs